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Unveiling our pool shapes and their NEW names!

Below is our long list of shapes and sizes.  We hope you find something you like!
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National Pool Builders - About us!

We have been in the fibreglass industry since 1986.  Fibreglass is something we know well.  But, we are always learning.  Pools is something we know well!  Having installed over 4000 pools in the Cape Town area alone, one could say we know what we are doing. Many have come and gone, but we are still here!  Why?  Because we love this industry.  We love the chats with installers, manufacturers, suppliers, clients!  We love being outdoors!  We love constantly learning new things happening and applying it where we think it makes a difference for our product and for our clients. We supply DIY kits, we do installations, we give advice, we love pools! You can find us  HERE  where you can view our products, all the shapes and sizes available to you, and you can contact us either on the  website  or here in the comments.  We look forward to hearing from you... Beat the Heat - buy one of our pools! The National Pool Builders Team Contact us